Location: 4 wards of 2 BBMP zones of Bangalore urban districts
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project holder:Fr. George P.S.
CRY support since: 2013 – 2014

  • Parents supported re-enrolment of 45 children in schools
  • 12 unaccompanied children rescued at the Bangalore Cantonment Railway through CRY-BOSCO street presence on the railway platforms
  • 45 dropout and working children were re-enrolled
  • Birth registration and immunization vaccination was administered of the 40 institutional child births

The main aim of BOSCO “Bangalore Oniyavara Seva Coota” is rescue and rehabilitation of street children in Bangalore and develops them into responsible and educated individuals who grow to be economically independent young adults. It intervenes and safeguards Child Rights through 3 levels. Firstly on street level, then on the community and society level, and lastly, by networking, lobbying and advocacy. The preventive strategy followed by BOSCO is through “Street Presence”, with physical presence of care giving stakeholders like animators/street educators/ community members etc. BOSCO has been working to ensure rights of the rescued children at all stages of rehabilitation. The focus of CRY – BOSCO partnership is to Ensure Child Protection, Child Dignity and Education for the Urban Poor Children in the Bangalore Slum Communities and to prevent child labourers, child marriage, child trafficking / abuse and any forms or forced exploitation of children in Bangalore.