CCRP Project in Bihar

Location: Bihar
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project holder: Mr.Sanat Kumar Sinha
CRY support since: 2007-2008

  • BAL SAKHA unified multiple stakeholders on one platform to raise the issue of child marriages and also oriented them on legal provisions
  • 3 child marriages were prevented
  • Mothers and 24 adolescent girls enrolled into vocational training and ensured revolving funds through another partner
  • 63 drop-out children re-enrolled in schools from 6-14 and 14-18 years

BAL SAKHA is a pioneer organization in giving a wider perspective on protection issues in the state of Bihar and has established its visibility not only in the state but also in different departments of the Government. With support from CRY it is following a two fold intervention strategy: one – on the community level and the second one – in the Juvenile Justice system to enhance the quality of observation homes and to bring about positive changes in the lives of the children in institutions. Through the community level intervention, it has been ensuring a protective environment for children in the community through awareness building on protection and education issues, government programs, etc. It has put great efforts towards strengthening and empowering children groups and has enabled them to express their views on issues affecting their lives. On the other hand it has also been intervening with JJ system by mobilizing NGOs, civil society and the media. Bal Sakha is intervening in several observation homes in the state through the follow-up programme.