Diksha to Protect the Children of Sex Workers

Location: Red light zones in Kolkata, West Bengal
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project holder: Ms. Paramita Banerjee
CRY support since: 2004 – 2005

  • There is no underage prostitution in the project areas
  • There has been no second generation prostitution since 2005
  • CBRT members possess self confidence and are able to influence their family and others as well
  • Mothers in both Kalighat and Khidirpur have organised themselves in support groups for children and adolescents

DIKSHA’s efforts are specifically aimed at creating change in externalized factors that adversely affect varying segments of civil society in different ways, resulting in a number of organizations providing a wide range of services. At present, the main workforce of Diksha is the CBRT, which comprises of children (age group 6-18 years) and young adults (age group 18-21 years). Diksha has evolved its own methodology to an experiential approach that specializes in offering a safe space to adolescents to make individual development possible. DIKSHA has been working with a focus on ensuring child rights through child participation – through the creation of Community-based Resource Teams (CBRT) of adolescents living in Red light zones of Kalighat (Ward No.76) and Khidirpur (Ward No.75) and Munsiganj (Ward No.75), slums and other situations of vulnerability in Kolkata.