JKASW Project from CRY

Location: 5 villages in Srinagar valley, J&K
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project holder: Mr. Asfaq Ahmed Mattoo
CRY support since: 2007 – 2008

  • 11819 children enrolled in schools
  • 9982 out of school children enrolled / re-enrolled in schools
  • 3 villages in the intervention areas are child labour free

JKASW as an organization aims to serve dual purposes of being an association of professional social workers and thus to uplift, advocate, train, enhance capacity of its members, at the same time it intends to directly implement projects in the areas where it feels the need. It directly dealt with the issues of the community on a rights based approach. JKASW has established good rapport with the communities as there is a lot of potential for the organization to work on both community specific issues and link them to larger issues of child rights at the state level.

Over the last seven years, JKASW with the support of CRY, has been working on Child Rights issues in general as well as in the intervention areas in particular. The curriculum of the Child Activity Centers established by JKASW and supported by CRY has shown very good results in not only mainstreaming drop outs but also in retention of children. The organization has started taking up issues like Child Labour and Malnutrition and follow the approach of “individual follow-ups with every child.” because of uniqueness of problems at household and family level. Such an approach also builds confidence and mutual trust between community and project team members.