Koshish Project in Jammu Kashmir

Location: 5 villages and 3 slums in Srinagar, Ganderbal, and Badgam districts, J&K
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project Holder: Dr. Rouf M. Malik
CRY support since: 2007 – 2008

  • 87% of women are having insitutional deliveries
  • Efforts are made to link 329 children into the ICDS centers
  • 23 Child Activity Centers(CAC) became functional across coverage area with enrolment of 439 out of school children
  • 15% of the enrolled children within CAC’s have been successfully mainstreamed
  • Children are able to raise/express the issues affecting them within their groups

KOSHISH has been implementing CRY program in villages of three districts of Kashmir Valley. Jammu and Kashmir valley has been facing continual political tension, armed conflict and turmoil situation on the issue of nation state. This has kept all the people and families in trauma and children growth is almost stagnated. Koshish is presently working in three districts of Kashmir Valley in critical geographies. The organization has been dealing with the issue of Child labourers in the valley since they started their intervention. Linking children to education has been adopted as strategy to break vicious cycle of child labour by Koshish and the project team has strengthened the approach by developing MIS system and child tracking system to follow up cases of Out of schools children in coverage area. During previous year, the partner showed resilience and ability to fight back the adversities when Koshish Office got submerged in flood and organization lost all of its assets and database. In the coming year, Koshish will encompass provisions of infrastructural facility, setting accountability in schools through retention of children, improved classroom transactions, effective learning assessment process and joyful learning in safe environment for children in 3-18 years age group.