MJAS Project in Rajasthan

Location: 19 villages of Ajmer district of Rajasthan (9 villages in Srinagar block and 10 in Keddi block)
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project holder: Ms. Indra Panscholi
CRY support since: 2003 – 2004

  • 10 out of 48 cases of violence against women and children under legal proceedings by the organisation, have already been solved
  • 500 institutional deliveries completed
  • 3552 children enrolled in government schools
  • 6 children have been freed from labour and re-enrolled into schools

The CRY and MJAS partnership started with issues on education, child protection and violence against women. Over the years MJAS has developed the experience of working on child protection issues like child marriage, child sexual abuse and child labour. It has focused on building strong community action towards addressing issues related to women and children and is also working towards strengthening the Community Based Organisation. It has been working to address the root causes behind issues i.e. the existing beliefs and practices in the community. The team has built good rapport with the communities, especially with the caste panchayats, which are dominant in the area. It believes that the child rights issues can only be addressed through attitudinal change of the communities. MJAS has built a strong analysis of the situation and has identified the key areas to work upon. MJAS has a significant presence at the district administration level as well with respect to child rights issues. It has been raising sensitive structural and gender related issues with existing social structures.