QICAC Project for Child Protection in UP

Location: UP
Nature of Initiative: Network / Alliance
Project Holder: Mr. Parvej Rizvi
CRY support since: : 2006 – 2007

  • Regular follow-up on cases of missing children is being taken up with missing cells in Agra, Azamgarh, Shravasti, Lucknow and Varanasi
  • Proper & Timely redresal of issues, quality care & institutional support is given to children in conflict by the law in a protective environment which assures respect to dignity and confidentiality of the children

The QICAC network has been working effectively in UP towards child protection issues. It has built strong rapport with stakeholders which include the police, media, judiciary, CWC members, JJB’s, missing children cells, NCPCR, NIPCID etc. It has taken up a multilevel operational strategy from capacity building of key duty bearers to judicial advocacy on critical issues. The network has evolved considerably in terms of its thematic understanding, improving on partner synergy and streamlining internal processes. With the key focus on issues of missing children, institutional care, JJ system and ICPS, QICAC has mapped other critical issues like children in begging and abuse with children in institutions. There is a reflection of innovation and the progressive work of the network delivers results on issues of child protection in the state.