Social Security Schemes to Support Child Rights


Marginalised communities mobilise for social security schemes

Location: 20 villages in Majhgawan block of Satna district, MP
Nature of Initiative: Fellow
Project holder: Mr. Anandi Lal
CRY support since: 2007

  • 434 children enrolled in school
  • 50 children immunized
  • 34 children identified with malnutrition
  • 30 birth registrations provided

Majhgawan block is one of the most backward and underdeveloped blocks in Satna. People have migrated to neighbouring cities in search of livelihood. Tribals have no legal entitlement to cultivate on forest lands. Commercialization of forest resources threatens the livelihood of tribals.

It has a high incidence of malnutrition, unemployment, anaemia among women and children, high maternal mortality, infant mortality and food insecurity. In most areas health centres are absent. Immunisation of children and pregnant women and children is almost non-existent.

The people of 9 villages have successfully mobilised to claim forest land under tribal forest rights

Mr. Anandi Lal – a CRY fellows – has intervened in this district to improve the livelihood situation of the tribal and Dalit communities. He has shown commitment to address the issues of land alienation, landlessness and displacement.

He has helped strengthen the Adivasi Adhikar Manch to take up issues at different levels and ensure justice and equity of tribals, Dalits, women and children of marginalised families. He also focuses on community mobilisation, linking Child Rights issues with larger issues, formation of people’s collectives and Community Based Organisations.