Location: Dharsiva, Raipur, Chhattisgarh
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
CRY support since: 2013 – 2014


Navadhar is working in 13 slums of Raipur city. Education as well as learning level of children in Raipur city in various slums is pitiable and is characterised by irregularities as well as low retention. Inadequate school infrastructure as per RTE norms, lack of quality teaching & teaching learning methodologies, inadequate government schools and mushrooming of private schools also exist in huge terms. Non formation/ functioning of community based groups and LSG bodies not taking enough effective steps to address the functioning of the school due lack of awareness about their role further compounds the problem. Due tp these factors, children are forced into child labour.

Health services especially amongst children in slum areas of Raipur city are inadequate which is characterized by unplanned and negligible implementation of school health program has resulted in compounding the issue of malnutrition especially in slum areas. Other issues such as fewer numbers of urban health centers and that too with inadequate staffing and often lack of various medicines, ill treatment by doctors and taking money from the patients further compounds the problem.Ramesh conducted regular meeting with the community, parents, teachers and children and made them aware about their respective responsibilities. In 2013, CRY gave full project support to Navadhar.
  • ECCE to be implemented in all 10 AWCs of project slums and all 10 AWW starts teaching children (3-6 years) as per ECCE.
  • All RTE norms related to infrastructure to be fulfilled in all 13 schools of 10 slums.
  • Reduction in dropouts (6-14 years) and enrolment in regular schools and enrolment of dropouts (15-18 years) in other forms of education.
  • Reduction in child labour and child labour enrolment in regular classes (6-14 years) and other forms of education (15-18 years).
  • Reduction in girls dropout and change in KAP of community towards girls education and gender sensitivity.
  • Initiation of support classes for children who are weak in studies or are unable to attend schools on regular basis.
  • No of cases of discrimination to be reduced amongst 13 schools from 10 slums.
  • All children in the age group 0-1yrs from 10 slums receive 100% immunization.
  • All pregnant women from 10 slums are enrolled in their respective
  • School health program in all 13 schools to be implemented.

Formation of Gulabi Gang: One remarkable thing which has happened in 2016 is strengthening of Nagrik Manch in Purena slum to such an extent which has led the women of the slum to unite together and form a group called as Gulabi Gang. Strengthening of Nagrik manch to such an extent which has led more than 150 women in Purena slum to unite together and form an informal group (Gulabi Gaing) in order to address issues related with girl children, alcoholism and eve teasing through regular monitoring and advocating with government officials.

  • Development of Learning Improvement Plan i.e. LIP in context of ECCE and sharing it across 10 AWC in urban slums of Raipur and starting the process of AWW teaching in AWC as per ECCE in 4 AWC.
  • Ensured 100% enrollment of children (3-6 years age group) in AWC and 100% enrollment of children from AWC to Class I.
  • Enrollment of 16 dropout children (7B, 9G) in 6-14 years in formal schools and 69 dropout children (21B, 48G) in 15-18 years in open school and maintaining 99% retention in schools in the age group 6-14 years and 85% retention in schools in the age group 15-18 years.
  • 7 child labors (3B, 4G) in 6-14 years were freed and enrolled in formal schools and 13 child labors (5B, 8G) in 15-18 years were freed and enrolled in open school. Enrollment of 46 dropout girls in 15-18 years in open school was also done.
  • 90% schools have separate toilets and 2 schools being installed with water filter (Purena and Raipura PS).
  • Facilitating the process of implementation of school health program in 7 out of 13 schools which has helped 1119 adolescent girls in getting free health checkup and distribution of iron tablets.