Location: Faridabad, Hariyana
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
CRY support since: 2016-2017


The organization was situated in Santosh Nagar slum of Faridabad it is one among several settlements of Faridabad where child rights situation is extremely poor. Children access to free and compulsory education is being denied due to lack of middle school in the slum areas. . Children access to free and compulsory education is being denied due to lack of middle school in the slum areas.

Irregularity of children in school is high as many children being engaged in sibling cares at home in absence of their parents, fetching drinking water and other works. Girl children in intervention areas are most vulnerable as they find difficult to travel middle schools due to lack of distance and transportation issues. Apart from the same, online admission process of Education Department with filing of complex admission form, requirement of identify proof including adhaar have been major challenges at the community level to enrol their children in school.
The absence of adequate housing, regular supplies of drinking water and drainage facilities, waterborne diseases among children have been there in slum area.
  • To improve the enrolment, retention and basic competencies of children in the age group of 03-06 Years, 06-14 Years and 14-18 Years age group in the slum area of Santosh Nagar
  • Improved community, SMC and Municipal elected representative participation in educational processes resulting in responsive education system in Santosh Nagar Slum
  • To prevent and protect children from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence through building and strengthening effective child protection systems in Santosh Nagar Slum
  • Peer learning is one of the focus at the CAC centre thus helping children in acquiring a self learning process at the project level
  • Capacity building workshop for children groups through Theatre in Education ( TiE) and capacitate leadership skills among children. Sensitize children groups and community on safe space and develop community level strategy to address the same
  • Two rooms and one toilet is added to school building. In past educational support hampered because of lack of building. The children were forced to sit in one classroom (Multi Grade)
  • Team oriented on series of training : Missing children, POCSO, CWC and Child Protection policy etc
  • Major schemes listed and access provided to community on Aapki Beti Hamari Beti Yojna, Foster scheme & Sponsorship