People's Voice for Child Rights (PVCR) Project

Location: AP & Telengana
Nature of Initiative: Network / Alliance
Project holder: Ms. J. Lalithamma
CRY support since: 2014 – 2015

  • An alliance was made to ensure prevention of closure of 26 schools.
  • Improvement in infrastructure of 113 schools and enhanced quality of education.

The People’s Voice for Child Rights (PVCR) and CRY alliance has become a full-fledged alliance after formulating its constitution with the State Congress. With the division of the state in June 2014, the PVCR alliance was also divided into PVCR-Andhra Pradesh (PVCR-AP) and PVCR-Telangana State (PVCR-TS) respectively. The strength of PVCR lies in its presence which is in 7 out of 14 districts; upholding democratic values at all levels of its functioning; shared understanding on the alliance, objectives and Child Rights issues; committment to state committee members; collective leadership; collective decision making; membership base with different members from NGOs, CBOs and social activist who have vast grass-root experiences. PVCR has touched upon protection issues in the past by way of undertaking fact finding missions.