Sonebhadra Vikas Samiti Project

Location: 18 revenue villages in 3 panchayats of the Chopan block
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project holder: Mr. Rajesh Choubey
CRY support since: 2007 – 2008

  • 98 children received complete immunisation
  • 10 Mother’s Committees are formed in 10 ICDS centers and regular meetings held with the members to sensitize women on immunization, pre and post natal care
  • 176 eligible children enrolled, 4 child labours mainstreamed, 16 drop out children enrolled in schools
  • 15 School Management Committees have been formed in the operational area

Sonebhadra Vikas Samity (SVSS), the CRY partner has advocated for providing land to marginalized families. They have mapped malnourished children, and are tracking data on working children and children enrolled in school. SVSS have addressed the core issue of displacement by setting a linkage with the issue of identity. The tribal community actively participated in birth registration camp this year. There is also a reduction in the misconception related to immunization, now a higher number of women are actively taking their children for immunization. Through the regular monitoring and collaboration with family members 101 malnourished children have regained their normal grade. Sanction of ICDS centres in remote hilly village has proved the organizations ability to mobilize community for demanding services for their children from governement authorities. CBO members, actively monitored the enrolment of children and tracked their 100% presence in school. Further, SMC formation and sanction of the primary school in the tribal community has established the identity of SVSS as an organization who can place the child rights issue efficiently between community.