Voice Of People Project in Uttar Pradesh

Location: UP
Nature of Initiative: Network / Alliance
Project holder: Mr. Ram Badan Pal
CRY support since: 2001 – 2002

  • ICDS centers monitored in partner coverage areas in Mirzapur, Sonebhadra, Chandauli
  • All toilets set up in primary and middle/junior high school level at the direct intervention areas of partners
  • Orders released by the state towards strengthening malnutrition mechanisms and RTE norms

Voice of People (VOP) is a collective of CRY partners at the state level which has been dynamic in adapting to the strategic transition for strengthening systemic advocacy at the state level. With change in form and structural/operational norms, the alliance has proved to be a platform for anchoring the partner’s processes from a state level with an objective of consolidating facts and data from partners and using them for advocacy at the state level. The capacity building platforms within VOP have provided the space for brainstorming on issues, operational strategies and arriving at common interpretations. The interventions of VOP indicate an alignment as far as issues are concerned. With a constructive engagement route, VOP has brought into attention of the state the proper implementation of RTE norms and malnutrition which is indicated in the orders released by the state towards strengthening these mechanisms.