WBEN for Child Rights

Location: WB
Nature of Initiative: Network / Alliance
Project holder: Mr Swapan Panda
CRY support since: 2004 – 2005

  • Capacity building of the potential volunteers at the district level on the Rights of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act & State Rule. Now there are resource persons in the district committee as well.
  • Media has taken membership in 10 districts out of which in 5 districts, they have been actively involved in the district activities and publish reports regularly
  • 159 villages had intensive follow-up campaigns for enrollment of all children in schools

West Bengal Education Network (WBEN) is a democratic state level network to actively voice up and associate with similar networks of other states and at the national level as well in the process of restoration of and establishing Child Rights. WBEN’s vision is to establish Child Rights through a Progressive Social Structure where Education is based on Justice and Equity. WBEN has its focus set on the right to education to children since inception. Over the years the network has taken shape through a rigorous process of learning, broad basing its reach and resolving internal non allignments. WBEN gave thrust in bringing up cases of RTE violations and engaging with REPA (in absence of SCPCR’s functioning) for redressals. The studies of WBEN and the inputs provided by them in various forums and platforms coupled with its engagements with media and government machinery, has brought great visibility to WBEN’s work in the State and it is recognised as an Education Focused Child Rights’ Network.