CRY World is where Child Rights and You meet. When you purchase products from CRY World, the proceeds go towards supporting CRY projects across India. With your help, these projects work towards ensuring that every child gets his/her basic rights – to live, learn, play and grow… to have a happy, wholesome life.
Our team is currently working on creating a fresh new range of products for you. To view what’s in store, you can get in touch with us at 022-23061740 or

Yes. To ensure that the impact of your purchase can reach out to maximum children, our products are available only for bulk purchases.

  • Cards with message printed: 1 packs of 10 cards each. (A single pack carries a single design)
  • Blank (inside) cards with no message printed: 1 packs of 50 cards each. (A single pack carries a single design)
  • For any other product: 50 pieces.

Absolutely! In fact, you can either select a design/pattern from our exciting range of CRY art or share your requirements* and we’ll work out the best product for you!

For example, your company’s logo or your employees’ names can be printed on the products. Or you can create special designs for an invitation card to your special occasions.

* Customisation is subject to requirements. Customised greeting cards are available for a minimum order of 500 pieces and other products for a minimum order of 50-100 pieces.

For a bulk order on CRY Greeting cards, the delivery takes approximately 5 to 8 working days; post an order confirmation by email or purchase order.

For any other product the delivery timeline would vary depending upon the quantity and customisation. We would usually need at least 15 – 20 days to deliver the best products to you (depending on stocks availability).

All products/card packages can be couriered to your preferred address. Courier has to be To pay bases and need to be booked by client.

The delivery location would need to be covered by the Post Office’s registered parcel service. All items of an order will be shipped only to a single location.

Orders from companies and individuals based in Mumbai can also be collected from the CRY office directly.

189/A Anand Estate, Sane Guruji Marg, Mumbai – 400 011.
Tel – 91-22- 23063647

CRY products can only be delivered within India. However, if you can provide a delivery address within India, you can place an order from anywhere around the world.

Depending on the size of the order and the area of delivery, delivery charges /courier charges/freight charges for bulk orders will be levied at actuals.

That’s quite right. The price of products would vary depending on the size and/or customisations required.

All the CRY greeting cards and paper products are exempt from sales tax as per the Central Sales Tax Act. In case of the other products, prices are inclusive of VAT, Octroi and other local taxes (if any).

Terms and Conditions

  • Orders once placed have to be confirmed by a purchase order and an accompanying email. For all the orders placed 100% advance payment needs to be done. Orders once placed cannot be cancelled.
  • All CRY greeting cards and paper items are exempted from sales tax as per the Central Sales Tax Act. In case of the other products, price is inclusive of VAT, Octroi and other local taxes if any.
  • Payment must be made within 15 days of goods received, failing which interest may be levied.

The CRY – Archies Partnership:

Archies Greetings and Gifts Ltd (AGG) is the sole distributor for CRY greeting cards and paper products. In AGG, CRY has a partner organisation whose core business is greeting cards, and who shares our vision for and commitment to children. AGG now manufactures and handles the retail distribution of all CRY products, while CRY’s personnel focus on our areas of strength – design and brand building. AGG also advises us on product line extensions and expansion into retail-oriented products, non-seasonal products and e-greetings.

As a direct consequence of this partnership, the retail penetration of CRY products has increased from 500 outlets to 6000. Incomes from the retail segment have increased 25% in a shrinking market. There has also been a reversal in the direct cost to overhead ratio from 1:1 to 3:1. This, coupled with the downsizing of CRY’s employee base by 30%, have permitted us better-cost management flexibility. In effect, the association with AGG has meant that CRY has been able to focus on its core mission – to involve the maximum number of people, both end beneficiaries and supporters, with the least amount of resources expended.

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