MMRCD for Disabled Children equality & Dignity
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children reached in the last 6 years
Confident, optimistic children
Informed, sensitised parents and community
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Coping with various disabilities, 833 children in Chanditala, Hooghly District, face indifference from all quarters. They are denied the respect, the education, and the happy childhood all children deserve. Makhla Muktadhara Rehabilitation Centre for the Disabled (MMRCD) is working hard to give disabled children a life of equality and dignity.
By training teachers and providing equipment and better facilities, schools were made special child-friendly. By interacting with these children and their families, MMCRD educates them about disabilities and makes them aware of their rights as differently-abled children.
Today, children like Iqbal and Rinku have found their place – at home, in school and in the community too.

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