SVK helps Communities in Andhra to Fight Issues Faced by Children with Help of CRY
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Droughts, seasonal employment and migration affect children in the backward districts of Andhra Pradesh. They don’t study; they work. Extra hands however small meant extra income. Though illegal, 400 children were made to work in harsh conditions. Their health suffered too.
Shramika Vikasa Kendram (SVK) has been helping communities in Andhra Pradesh by empowering them to fight child labour, child marriage and secure their family’s future. Guided by SVK, the women in the region decided to grow jasmine. They cultivated it in the fields. Flower sales bloomed, bringing in a string of change. The women’s confidence grew, as did their income. They enabled change for themselves and even employed other farmers.
Now their children are free to learn, not earn. Free to dream and be all they can be.

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