She turned it Around – And how! The Victorious Journey of Siya Dulari

There has never been a dearth of inspirational stories in India. From child marriage to abuse, there are several issues people have braved. Out of these, have been born stories like that of Siya Dulari.

Siya Dulari’s story could have been about a child bride who at the age of 14 years found herself abandoned by her spouse and with 3 children to look after and like innumerable such stories her life would have been remembered as an endless saga of suffering.

But Siya Dulari gave her story a different turn. She enrolled herself for schooling and higher studies and completed her graduation. Siya Dulari’s childhood was far from being an ideal one, and thus began her drive to ensure that children lead happy and healthy lives.

Purely on grounds of compassion she started working for the children in her community who were dying of malnutrition. In 2006 Siya was identified by CRY, a reckoned non government organisation and awarded a fellowship. The fellowship gave Siya an opportunity to scale up her work and she now works intensively in 13 villages. It is due to Siya’s efforts that the district and state administration was compelled to take note of the situation of malnutrition among children in the district and take special measures to address the issue. Siya regularly visits the National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights in Delhi, and plays a leading role in deliberating on child rights issues. She holds very strong opinions about child nutrition. Being a discerned individual and someone who has been through so many trying times, her two cents are of high value.

So a 14 year old child who was already a mother of three is now a 38 year old woman making leaps in order to ensure that no child in the Rewa District dies of hunger!

Had it not been for this desire of hers, would she have realized the power that she has within? The power to voice her opinion, sit across the table and share space with senior level government functionaries and legislators clearly driving home the point that no matter what malnutrition among children in the district has to be eradicated. You can join her league too. You can donate to the various causes that are inflicting the society. When you fund for NGO, your money works like a game changer for several Siya Dularis. Your small contribution can change someone’s world. Step up! Donate today!

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