Of Fathers, Daughters and Faith…

“You know what, I am pretty sure I should have scored more in History and Education. I missed the cut off required to move from Humanities to Nursing by a very thin margin. Of course, I’ve given my answer scripts for a recheck. But for now, I am concentrating on taking up English for my graduation and then doing my Masters in Social Work. My end objective remains the same. I want to help people. May be now, I will be able to help a larger number of people if I take up MSW.” History does repeat itself. Ananya Ghosh, a lanky teenager from Dhenua – a small, unassuming little village in the Bardhaman district of West Bengal – recreated history twice when the Higher Secondary Examination results were announced last week.



In January this year, residents of Devenandapur, a village in Hooghly, West Bengal, found an 11 years old girl hiding near a basement. If anyone so much as approached her, the girl screamed. As a crowd gathered, someone contacted the NGO Praajak, a CRY partner.

Little by little, the story tumbled out of the frightened child. My name is Moina ,READ MORE