Gift of a Healthy Life!

Nature is bountiful – and Odisha as a state, has received so much from nature. If one travels across the state – the change in the weather, landscape etc. is palpable. The other change that can be noticed, is the change in people – their living conditions, economic stability, socio-political scenario – everything changes so drastically.

Mayurbhanj is one of the largest districts in Odisha and is famous for its places of interests, mining & agricultural options and lush forest areas.  However, in spite of all the opportunities, Mayurbhanj has been categorized as one of the country’s 250 most backward districts.( Ministry of Panchayati Raj, 2006)


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5 Friends, 1 Mission – Preventing Child Marriage

A decade into the new millennium, and somewhere in the remote corners of the Satgawan Block in Koderma, Jharkhand, a group of five friends were getting ready to go for a wedding one summer morning. The mood was buoyant and the fun was yet to begin. They arranged for the presents for the bride and reached the venue at the village of Puthodih. But the bride was nowhere to be seen! When it was time for them to leave, upon their insisting, the mother of the groom arrived carrying the three year old bride in her arms. The little one had fallen asleep from the sheer exhaustion of the day’s proceedings.