Given its familiarity to Indians today, it’s easy to forget that the name that appeared on the face of those first greeting cards, sold door-to-door in the early years of CRY’s existence, is today one of India’s most recognisable brands.

Brand CRY is the product of almost three decades of constant innovation and nurturing. Thanks to innovative awareness building strategies achieved at a minuscule financial cost. To donors, individual and corporate, development professionals, bureaucrats and politicians, purchasers and retailers, CRY has come to represent trustworthiness, sincerity and commitment.

CRY works to ensure the highest quality both in content and look in its direct mail, advertising, media and advocacy campaigns to effectively communicate and engage its stakeholders. Supporting CRY in every aspect of communications are specialist organisations who as their contribution to the cause charge CRY significantly reduced rates. These are critical and unavoidable investments that CRY makes to achieve wider reach, mobilise action and build a network of people and groups committed to children’s rights.


Each one of our Trustees holds CRY’s interest above everything else, sharing a firm belief in values of public trust, collective …

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A leadership collective comprising of Regional and Strategic Directors, whose key role is to provide direction and leadership, as well…

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Resource Development

CRY’s endeavour is to get the maximum number of people and organisations involved, driving a people’s movement for the rights of…

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