Policy, Research, Advocacy & Documentation Work At CRY

Work done by Policy, Research, Advocacy & Documentation Division of CRY could be summed up as follows:

Policy Advocacy: analysis of laws, policies, schemes and budgets; tracking of developments on Human Rights (HR) and Child Rights (CR) Policy processes; periodic consolidation of Social and Economic Policies (National and International); tracking of trends on policy debates (civil society and government); following up on action and inaction of legislature, executive and judiciary on CR issues; development of Working Papers and Policy Briefs; engagement with external stakeholders (Civil Society, Policy Influencers and Policy Makers)

Research: undertaking national research to inform legislations and policies; providing support in designing/ensuring quality in researches undertaken by various functions of CRY; identifying potential areas of research for the organisation to inform programme interventions; capacity building of VA teams/volunteers on research methodologies

Knowledge Management: collating and analyzing secondary data on key child rights indicators; developing fact sheets on the issues of education and malnutrition; providing relevant data to media advocacy teams for press releases

Media Advocacy: generating content for media; Info packs on child labour, malnutrition, Right to Education, and the girl child; anchoring overseas media coverage; collating case studies and converting them into media savvy content; capacity building of regional media teams; networking with senior editors

Documentation Centre: The centre serves as repository of knowledge and information on various child rights issues. We invite you to visit the centre housed at the Mumbai office and browse through the collection of books, journals and papers on a range of development-related topics.


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