It’s an interesting challenge to write about my reasons behind spending every Sunday volunteering for CRY.  Many thoughts come to my mind when I think about it.  Hence, it would be interesting to try to capture almost all of these.

I can’t recall how it happened, but when I was in class 7 or 8,

I got to know about the concept of an ‘NGO’. From that time onwards, the idea of helping the people without the expectation of getting something in return has always inspired me.  At that time, I felt that I would do something when I would be independent.  While pursuing my post graduate degree, I shared my thoughts with my friends. Their eagerness to support me was extremely inspiring.

Like many other human beings, I tried to plan my life. I thought things like these- “I will work at a corporate environment for so and so years and after leaving that job, I will completely devote myself in uplifting lives of underprivileged children”. But life had a different plan for me. I saw one of my close family members almost near death. Though luckily she came back home in better condition, that difficult time made me think something important. I realised that life could be really unpredictable and death is the most inevitable incident of life. I thought that I don’t know how many years I will live. I may not be alive after completing my job for few years.  And most importantly, I don’t want to die with the regret that I did not follow my passion. Though sounds dramatic I also remembered a beautiful phrase during my decision making process. I thought of a line once told by a famous actor, “Zindagi badi honi chahiye lambi nahi”.

I got an instant opportunity to turn my thoughts into action. Last year, I along with my best friend spent my birthday at Missionaries of Charity, Kolkata.  After spending almost entire day with children at Shishu Bhavan, I realised that it was my best birthday ever. After few months of looking ways of making a difference to underprivileged children, I decided to volunteer during weekends. I got to know about CRY from Facebook, and after attending an orientation session at CRY office, a beautiful journey with children got started. And after attending sessions with kids on every Sunday, I find myself extremely energised and excited for the upcoming session.

I have read something interesting in a self-help book- We should try our best to leave the world better than we found it. Hopefully, my journey towards making a difference to these children will improve over time and I would be able to leave the world much better than what I found it when I was born.


Anasua Banerjee

CRY Volunteer, Kolkata

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