The timely intervention by CRY supported project Sanghamithra Service Society (SSS), Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh during the academic year 2014-15 not only prevented a child marriage but also produced a proud martial artist from one of the most marginalized families from Avilala slum in Tirupathi town. K. Mobina was then all of fourteen.

Mobina’s father is an Auto-rickshaw driver and her mother

a house-wife.  She has two more siblings, a younger brother and a sister who are studying in class 7 and 6 respectively.

Owing to their poverty, Mobina’s parents decided to marry her off during the academic year 2014-15 when she was studying in class 8.  She was studying in the Zilla Parishad high school at M.R. Palli, Tirupathi.  The Head Teacher of the school gave a tip-off to SSS and sought their intervention in that matter.  The SSS team went to the school and had a meeting with the teachers and Mobina to plan further steps to prevent the marriage.  They also found that even Mobina was not interested in the marriage.  SSS took this matter to the notice of Child Welfare Committee (CWC) who referred the case to Juvenile Justice (JJ) Home.  Mobina’s parents were summoned before CWC members and counselled against child marriage.  Even after that, the parents were not relenting.  The SSS project team counselled the parents, explained the ill-effects of child marriage and convinced them to stop the marriage.  Finally Mobina’s parents gave a written statement to the CWC authorities to that effect and took Mobina home.

Mobina was happy to continue her studies in school.  During the same year i.e. 2014-15, there was a Judo coaching conducted in the school and Mobina wanted to pursue martial arts and attended that training programme.  The coach identified her skills in martial arts and encouraged her to learn Wrestling also.  Mobina’s passion to learn these two forms of martial arts made her quickly learn the skills.  She started participating in competitions at District and State-level from the same year and started winning the medals too in both Judo and Wrestling competitions.  She also became a member in the Child Collective formed by SSS which encouraged her to excel in martial arts.  The school Physical Education Trainer (PET) and other teachers also gave their support to Mobina from the beginning. Initially, her family members were not willing for Mobina to pursue Judo and Wrestling but SSS team and school teachers convinced them to allow Mobina to learn these martial arts.

This year, Mobina won yet another Medal and that too a Gold in the State-level Wrestling sub-junior championship held at Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh in September 2016.  She has now been selected to participate in the National School Games Wrestling Competitions, going to be held at New Delhi in December 2016 or January 2017.  She is extremely delighted about that and keen on winning a Medal at the National level too.  She says that if all the parents encourage their children to participate in sports, games and martial arts, many children will excel in these sports.  She also said that she was inspired by the victories of P.V. Sindhu and Sakshi Malik at Rio Olympics and would like to win medals for the country at that level one day.  Mobina is now studying 10th class in the same high school and continues to inspire so many children in her school and Child Collective.

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