The CRY CRL Program aims to increase awareness about CRY and its initiatives and action on child rights among the youth. It is directed at encouraging a better understanding and greater engagement (of youths in Campus) with the several aspects pertaining to child rights.
A CRL would be the face of CRY on the concerned campus and as youth leaders, would spearhead various campaigns and issues that CRY undertakes.

Anyone who is above 18 years and in year two (or above) of College. Needs to be a student of a College based in and around these cities- Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore.

These college years won’t come back. And the opportunities of taking up a challenge when many others are just busy with usual affairs of a college life can be priceless. By getting selected in this Programme, you get to make an impression, of being a person who facilitates what exactly “being child rights responsible” mean. You can be the initiator of a snowball effect!

The plan of action expected from a CRL is something which is impactful and doable. It factors in your academic schedule and encourages you to use your relatively free time/ college time in a socially meaningful way. The level of commitment is expected to be high but not demanding and suited to college realities

If you like to take up challenges, if you have the interest and skill in you to popularize ideas and involve peer groups, if you love to build your network of likeminded people, if a change in a child’s life gives you happiness, if you wish to trigger mindset change, this programme is surely going to excite you. This will offer you a range of things which you can do and be a part of a national programme which is aimed to create socially sensitive leaders in Campus.

You will be associated with an Organization which has been working for over 36 years and strongly believes in the power of youth! You will be officially recognized as a leader on child rights in your space. This will give you exposure to pertinent child rights issues, ground level realities, what youths are doing to make a difference and in the process you will get to hone up your social understanding and professional skills.

During the course of your journey, your attempts and achievements will be showcased in our social media platforms. From time to time, success stories will be further pitched in public spaces. On due completion of your one year journey (as per work plan), CRY will formally acknowledge and certify you for the role which will further be shared with our supporter base!

Once you are selected and formally start working, you will be expected to follow all norms and guidelines related to volunteering with us. Concerned CRY representative will take you through all the necessary points which are to be taken note of. Plan of action needs to be evolved and approved by CRY before you get started. Violation of any will be reviewed and feedback given. In serious cases, may lead to discontinuation of association

You will be encouraged to bring in innovation and fresh ideas on the board and also expected to play a role in some essential CRY programmes and Campaigns

This Programme will be effective through one annual cycle. For you, it will mean an academic year. Your work can be spread out through the months and need to show significant progress. The actual months of work can be anything between 6- 9 months.

CRY will duly induct you to the programme and all what is to be understood and followed for this position. We will help you evolve your plan of action and periodically guide you on the work, give you necessary tips , give exposure, build capacities and present your work to the outside world too.

Programme support in terms of communication materials, messaging etc will be done. The incidental costs (for carrying out your work) will be agreed upon and taken care of by CRY on agreement. But otherwise, this programme doesn’t offer any stipend separately.

At CRY, we believe that sustainable change for children is possible only when we address the root causes – such as non-functioning schools, child labour, unemployed parents, non-availability of healthcare centers etc – that keep children away from their rights and vulnerable.

Along with the support from over 200 grassroots-level partner NGOs, we work with children and communities to make them aware of their rights, and empower them to address their issues and demand what is rightfully theirs. Therefore ensuring not just a small change, but an entire movement towards sustainable change in the lives of the children and their families.