Public Actions Groups (PAG’s) are group of individuals, who work in partnership with CRY in ensuring equal rights for all children. As a start, one of the key issues that the PAG’s in Bangalore have taken up is The Right to Food.

Addressing the basic rights of health and nutrition is the responsibility of the Government. In order to ensure that these rights of children are ensured, the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) provides for Anganwadis to be set up for children below 6 years.

However, it is learnt that the Anganwadis in some of these areas, are being run without even basic facilities like electricity, drinking water, toilets etc. In addition to this, irregular supply of ration and time taken to appoint or replace the Anganwadi staff, add to the problems for the children and the community. The objective of the PAG is to collectively influence policies and their implementation, so as to ensure every child’s right to food is realized.

As a step towards ensuring change, the PAGs have been mobilising the community, together with the public from the surrounding and nearby areas, creating awareness about relevant issues and thereby encouraging the community to stand up for their own rights.

Our Volunteers:

  • Raise awareness on Child Rights issues amongst the Community members.
  • Mobilise Community members and Residents to work for Child Rights.
  • Organise and attend meetings advocating Child Rights.
  • Write letters of appeal to relevant authorities regarding the implementation of Child Rights.
  • Liaise with concerned government authorities to understand the administrative response and plan of action for children with regard to laws and policies.
  • Seek redress in instances involving Child Rights violations.
  • Organise actions/ events for local child rights issues which are being violated.

To join the Bengaluru PAG, contact e-mail:

CRY events in the year 2013.