The East region has a team of more than 300 volunteers! Each of them brings their individual skills and expertise and work together as a team to ensure the rights of every child. Here’s a look at some of the things they do:

Student Volunteer groups in colleges and institutes spread awareness on child rights in their college campus through innovative contests and garner enthusiastic support towards the cause.

A group of volunteers scanning and analysing mainstream print media coverage on children and attempting to make readership and coverage both more socially responsible!

Volunteers closely monitoring neighbourhood government schools and making sure basic provisions are in place and children are able to enjoy their right to education.

Volunteers and Interns coming up with fact finding reports and other documents and disseminating findings in appropriate spaces and platforms thereby contributing to socio-economic analysis of realities affecting Children and their rights.

Those with a creative bent of mind clicking photographs, preparing posters, making short films, writing songs and poetry, to spread message on child rights.

Persons interested in making the world more equitous for girl child getting scope to work on it in a very focused manner in the dedicated campaigns for such cause.

Citizens enhancing the visibility for this cause through putting up CRY Stalls, film screenings, wall magazines, Photo exhibitions.

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Feeling motivated and ready to create a change? Yes! You too can become a CRY Volunteer with the Volunteer Action team at Kolkata and make a difference to lakhs of children!

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