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  • Every child should go to school not work. Join me in supporting a@CRYIndia & ensuring lasting change+#childrights for India’s children
  • #DidYouKnow almost 50% of India’s children are malnourished?RT if you agree that together we can make a difference with @CRYIndia
  • All children deserve a childhood-yet 11.8% of India’s children engaged in child labour.#timeforchange.I support #childrights with @CRYINDIA
  • 35% of children with disabilities remain out of primary school.#timeforchange. I support #childrights with #CRY
  • Child brides not a myth-nearly 45% of India’s girls married before 18.Support #childrights with @CRYIndia for a childhood for all children.
  • ‘What I can do, I must do’-@CRYIndia Founder late Rippan Kapur.Join me to make a difference for India’s children

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