Location: Kerala
Nature of Initiative: Resource Org
Project holder: Sandhya Raju George
CRY support since: 2011 – 2012

  • SLIC has identified 12 child trafficking cases and closely followed up the cases for subsequent legal interventions
  • SLIC has organised workshop for the DCPU members on the issue of child trafficking

HRLN has been growing its expertise in the area of child rights and violence against women in the family and in the work place. Over the years of partnership, SLIC has strengthened CRY’s intervention in Kerala on child protection and built inroads to activate the JJ system in the State. It has intervened in instances of Child Sexual Abuse, Child Trafficking and Child Labour and has built a base for future exploration of the issues. It has added the important dimension of judicial advocacy and inputs into the child rights issues being addressed by the alliance as well as the other CRY partners in the state like malnutrition and closure of schools. The partnership has demonstrated replicable models of engagement directly with the Government which will be very useful in the coming years. SLIC demonstrated its strategic significance for Kerala and has led to positive outcomes in the realm of child rights in the state.