Ensuring education for children

At Child Rights and You (CRY), we strongly believe in children’s right to education. As a renowned NGO for education, CRY has been working for over 4 decades to ensure that every child can attend school and complete their education without facing discrimination based on gender, caste, or socio-economic status.

India’s children

Our Child Education Program

Being a prominent education NGO in India, CRY is dedicated to empowering children and creating a brighter future for them through quality education. We create sustainable change for India’s children by educating parents, teachers communities, and children themselves to change behaviours and practices at the grassroots level while collaborating with the government to influence public policy at a systemic level. As one of the most trusted NGOs working for education in India, our education programs align with the guidelines set forth by the Right to Education Act (2009) and the National Education Policy 2020.

Here are the key focus areas of our work:

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Enrolment of Children in School

CRY actively promotes the enrolment of children in schools, especially those from marginalized communities. We collaborate with local communities and stakeholders to ensure that every child has the opportunity to access education.

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Ensuring transition through classes

Many children drop out of school at critical transition points, such as the transition from primary to middle school. By identifying and addressing factors that lead to dropouts during these key transitions, CRY ensures a smooth educational journey for children.

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Mass Awareness Drives for Communities and Re-enrolment of Dropouts

CRY conducts mass awareness campaigns to emphasize the importance of education, identify and re-enrol children who have dropped out of school for various reasons, such as financial constraints or lack of awareness.

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Ensuring Access to Entitlements

CRY works to ensure that children have access to their entitled benefits and resources provided by the government. This includes advocating for and facilitating the implementation of policies and programs that benefit children’s education.

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Support Classes for First-Generation Learners

These classes offer additional guidance and support to help first-generation learners overcome learning challenges and build a strong foundation for their education.

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Statistics About Child Education in India

Despite progress made in recent years and a large number of NGOs working for education in India the below numbers highlight the urgent need to provide help for the education of children. Children are the building blocks of our nation, their future depends on us.

  • 46million

    children, between 6-18 years of age, do not go to school

    Estimate: RGI Census Population Projection 2016 and UDISE 2016-17

  • 33million

    child labourers go to work instead of school

    Census 2011

  • 3%

    of schools in India provide complete school education from Class 1 to 12

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How CRY India NGO Impacted Children’s Education?

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    children enrolled in school in 2022-23
  • CRY Stat

    < 30,000

    children reconnected with education in 2022-23
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    Academic support centres to help children continue their education

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