The right to education sends these kids to school

Location: Tapi and Surat districts, Gujarat
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project holder: Mr. Himanshu Banker
CRY support since: 2011 – 2012

  • 184 children enrolled in schools
  • 948 children immunised
  • 110 children identified with malnutrition
  • 327 birth registrations provided
  • 18 children’s groups formed

Working with the tribal community for last 9 years, Vikalp realized that children are most vulnerable in the entire community. In most of the cases their basic rights to survival, development and protection are affected.

In addition to the right to free and compulsory education, Vikalp also focuses on primary healthcare and hygiene, and the issue of child labour and girl child marriage. They work in 10 villages from Nizar and Uchhal blocks (Tapi district) and 10 villages from Manad and Umarpada blocks (Surat district) in Gujarat.

Today, the awareness of the right to education has led to increased enrolment in schools.

Vikalp has strategically decided to focus on child rights and design their development programs to address the child right centric issues in these districts.