Issues in child education

12,758 children across CRY project areas who had dropped out of school have just been re-enrolled. As the new academic year starts, they are vulnerable to dropping out again – because they face an uphill struggle keeping pace with their peers and in settling in to the discipline of school life. What they need is academic support, counseling and constant encouragement.

Millions of children in India are not in school today.They have either never been enrolled into school or drop out for various reasons, which are – lack of access to basic facilities like drinking water, toilets, teachers and sometimes not even proper buildings or playgrounds, distance to be travelled, lack of awareness of parents and children on the necessity of education, child labour, child marriage etc.

While retaining children in school is a challenge, retaining recently re-enrolled children is a greater challenge. These children are all the more vulnerable while they adjust to being back in school and therefore the risk of dropping out is higher. You can help them stay in school by donating for underprivileged child education in India.

What we do

CRY through its project partners works on ensuring that these children stay in school and do not drop out again. By ensuring there are schools within an easy distance of home, improving the conditions, ensuring that they have basic facilities and more, parents and children together are motivated to understand the importance of education. CRY works towards retaining these children in school to complete their education and giving them a chance at a brighter future.