About The Campaign

Based on RGI Census 2016 and UDISE data 2016-17, estimates suggest that around 38% of girls in India, between 15 – 18 years, are out of school.

Reasons include financial constraints, schools that are very far off, lack of safe and easily available transportation facilities to schools, child marriage due to financial or social pressure, child labour to ease the family’s financial burden and even household chores and sibling care.

As a result, India’s girls get trapped in the cycle of poverty without ever getting the chance to realize their true potential.

According to a McKinsey Gender Parity study, if all girls complete their education and participate in the workforce, India could add a whopping $770 billion to the country’s GDP by 2025! What more reason do we need to believe that investing in our girls today is the way to a brighter future?

Let’s come together to support them - today and everyday! If you haven’t yet, pledge your support!

Har ladki ko aage badne ka mauka do, usey apni padhai poori karne ka mauka do! Kyuki, uski poori padhai mein hi hai desh ki bhalai!