A Snapshot of CRY’s COVID-19 Second Wave Response

Published on August 6, 2021

Cry Covid-19 Second Wave Response

The second wave of the pandemic has left many underserved communities vulnerable, especially underprivileged children. To help them in these unprecedented and overwhelming times, we, at CRY, have jumped into action. We are working hard to ensure that children and their families are safe and proactive in fighting the spread of coronavirus with awareness, preventive measures, and medical facilities.

The implementation of Covid Relief Phase II by CRY has covered 44 project areas in 19 states through direct implementations and in-kind donations. We have reached 2,364 households and covered 66 health centres covering 172 AAA workers. We have also provided educational support to 8,844 board students, and distributed health kits to 1,085 communities and sanitary kits to 10,939 adolescent girls.

COVID-19 Second Wave Direct Relief

Along with our project partners, we have assessed the situation and created an emergency plan to address the immediate protection, health, nutrition and safety needs of children and their families. 

Distribution of Oxygen Cylinders under CRY Collaborative efforts

Covid Preventive Awareness - Innovative Measures

The pandemic has given rise to several apprehensions and questions regarding the safety measures, testing and vaccinations that need to be addressed immediately. At CRY, we have been working on spreading awareness on pandemic preparedness and preventive measures as the only way to battle the second wave is to ensure communities stay informed and aware.

Awareness through Posters, Loudspeakers, Wall Paintings, Calendars and IEC Materials

Awareness through Gram Vani

Awareness Generation through Oath-Taking Programs

Covid Preventive Awareness through Online Sessions

Awareness through Religious Bodies

Stage Performances by Children

Posters by Adolescent Groups

Awareness through Covid Hotspot Creation

Awareness through Home Counselling Sessions

Village Level Awareness Generation and Collaborative Efforts

Awareness Generation against Covid Vaccine Hesitancy

It is undeniably critical that everyone gets access to both doses of vaccines to stay protected from a potential third wave. However, in a country like ours, plagued by illiteracy, poverty and lack of access to resources, it could create a digital divide and consequently, the underprivileged communities may be left out of the vaccination drive. This could be further compounded by the lack of awareness and superstition associated with vaccines and could threaten mass vaccination initiatives. Hence vaccine hesitancy is a big fight that we need to fight. That’s we worked on multiple mediums to help improve the situation, including:

Online Medium

Door-to-Door Visits

Vaccination Camps

Scientific Demonstration

Audio visuals & IEC materials

Vaccine MitraCampaign   

Creating Help Desk

Covid Help Booth             

Covid Support Groups

Mobile Van

Religious Bodies

Highlights of Persistent Efforts in Minimising Covid Vaccine Hesitancy

Breaking the Covid Vaccination Myth

Looking into Psycho-Social Well-Being Post Covid

Impact of Covid Vaccination Awareness

Engagement with the Government Stakeholders

CRY has been working to ensure children and their families are safe by engaging with key stakeholders in the government, acting as a mediator to address immediate needs of the underserved.

An Appeal For Help

It’s going to be a long road ahead as the recovery and rehabilitation of underserved people requires collective efforts. Your donation can help us fight this battle against the outbreak to ensure this doesn’t become a child rights crisis. Contribute to the larger solution that could give underprivileged children a brighter future. Join the movement and donate to CRY, the best NGO in India today.