Let’s Celebrate The Precious Childhood Memories of Diwali

Published on October 18, 2022

childhood memories of Diwali

Diwali is one of the most anticipated holidays. Every household is buzzing with preparations and the much-awaited hustle-bustle of family members getting together for the festivities. From the annual house cleaning initiative to shopping for guests and new items for the home décor, there is so much to complete. Not to forget, the preparations include decorating the house with flowers and lights and dressing up in the finest of clothes and jewellery.

But who loves Diwali more than children? We all have the fondest childhood memories of Diwali. This festival holds a special place in each of our hearts and takes us back to the bittersweet memories of our childhood.

Awaiting The Holidays
Looking forward to the Diwali holidays when we get to spend quality time with friends, family, and an extended circle of well-wishers. Those warmth-filled times simply can’t be forgotten.

Dreadful Cleanliness Drive
No matter how eagerly we used to wait for the festival of Diwali, all of us would agree how reluctant we were to do this job at home. But by the end of it, we would be grateful for the deep cleaning to let go of old stuff and bring in new things.

Preparation Of Sweets And Snacks
After the cleanliness drive, Diwali still looked far with helping our moms and grandmoms with sweets and snacks preparation but it was exciting to give shape to the gujiyas and laddoos!

Diwali Ki Mithai
Diwali was about gorging on all kinds of food, right from homemade mithai to neighbours’ snack plates (excluding the Soan Papdi dabbas)!

The Excitement Of Brand-New Clothes
Diwali was the one time when we were so excited to wear new clothes and that feeling filled us with joy.

The Joy Of Lighting Diyas
And finally, the lighting of diyas around the house and gazing at the many bright lights all around was the highlight of the Diwali celebrations. 

With these profound childhood memories, may the joy that Diwali held in store for you as a child be multiplied for you and yours. Let us share these little joys and give children similar memories today. Donate money online to CRY, the top NGO in India, to bring a change in the lives of underprivileged children. Make a Diwali donation and celebrate the true spirit of the prosperous festival of Diwali.