Life had always been hard for Naveen and his family. His father’s meager income not being enough to sustain their day to day life – the young boy had to drop out of school to start work at a tea stall. When CRY’s on ground partner (People’s Organization for Rural Development – PORD) got to know of his plight –

they immediately started the process of convincing his family to send him back to school. The journey was slow and tedious but finally with the help and intervention of village authorities – Naveen was enrolled back into school.

The young boy suddenly had a second chance at building a successful future and it wasn’t long before his confidence and leadership qualities began to shine through – and along with that his latent talent of a budding engineer. Naveen noticed that there was a lot of pollution around his school from cooking fires and his quick mind – nurtured through learning and exposure at school – started on a project to find a solution. His invention of finding an eco friendly, cost effective, zero pollution way to cook won him recognition – not only at the district level but nationally as well. What’s more – it wasn’t long before many schools, including his own also started adopting this method to cook mid day meals. Today, Naveen is set on his dreams of becoming an engineer and helping children like him – also find a way to improve their skills.

Like Naveen, all children have abilities. But unlike him many of them do not have the possibility to develop them, or for their talents to be recognised and polished as they do not have access to school.

You can help CRY ensure that children in CRY supported projects continue to go to school, complete their education and have their abilities turned into possibilities. With your support , CRY can continue to implement changes both at the grassroots and at the policy level – so that children in turn continue to build a successful future by realising their dreams.

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