From Darkness to Light with Adequate Funding and Support

Shivam, lovingly known as Shubham, is a dedicated young student from KunchiKurve Nagar near Kalina in Mumbai.

He was about to quit education and therefore give up his chance to a better life when he got his eye hurt while playing with his siblings. He took care of it by going to the nearby dispensary where he was prescribed an eye drop. His condition deteriorated but Shubham and his family were optimistic that within a matter of time, the pain would subside so he resumed his daily activity of going to school.

Few days passed and his eye condition was such that he had lost his vision. Upon consulting a doctor, he learnt that he was supposed to undergo a cataract operation so that it does not affect his other eye’s vision. This came to be like a shock for Shubham’s family as they could hardly afford a meal in a day for Shubham, his two brothers and his sister. Undertaking such an operation was perceived to be too much money involving an operation.

But this was not the only concern.

Shubham’s classmates used to tease and make fun of him by calling him “Kaana” (blind).This affected Shubham’s psychology in such a manner that he no longer wanted to attend school. His parents tried everything to persuade Shubham to resume school but he was firm in his decision of not going to school.

A month later he met our Bandra PAG Volunteers who conducted Sunday Teaching sessions on Maths, English and Academics and id activities in the community to raise awareness on importance of education. They got him and his parents to confidence that they would help them get out of this situation. Suhbham was showed to a private hospital where he was assured that he could get his vision back. His eye lens was to be replaced which would have costed them around seventy thousand rupees. Shubham’s family was not able to pay for this. Shivam, Bandra Volunteer wrote to the Hinduja Trust and made several follow ups to ensure that they help in sponsoring this child and give him a treatment waiver. The Hinduja Trustees were kind enough to give a 100% waiver in the treatment of Shubham.

The happiness of Shubham and his family is beyond measure. His morale was boosted up immediately and compelled him to attend school after getting fully cured. A non government organization like CRY is always ready to do the needful for people. For us, child support is something we always aim at.

Shubham and Shivam developed a special relationship in which Shubham looked up to the Bandra PAG volunteer for any help and guidance and gained a lot of insights on why education is so important in one’s life. Shivam was a big motivating factor for him.

Then onwards he started looking forward to going to school. He has got enrolled in the fourth standard at BMC School in Shastrinagar. He has started going to school and gets ready by 11 am whereas his school starts at 1 pm. Such is the level of motivation within him as he has realised the importance of education and how it will help his family problems.

When asking Shubham what he wanted to become in future, he replied “I want to be a part of the Police Force.”

Shubham’s mother on the other hand said “I am extremely thankful for the kind of help I have received from Shivam and Bandra PAG Volunteers. They helped my son resume confidence when we had failed to instill that in Shubham.”

Upon being asked on her take on Shubham “I have full faith that Shubham will become successful in the near future with the kind of determination he has and that he has a habit of finishing all his tasks from start to finish.”

Shubham and his parents are highly indebted to the kind of help received by the Bandra PAG Volunteers.

For many, this is just a story of Shubham who regained his vision and started studying again but there is more to it. How the intervention from few people can change people’s perspective towards education. An act of kindness can make a difference by bringing in the change in someone’s world but a weapon called education can help you be the change. Hence it is imperative to unlock the golden door of freedom by attaining education.

There are several Shubhams in the country, you can help them by providing fund for NGO. You can donate within your capacity and help in contributing to a child’s future. Join hands with CRY today!


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