Help CRY NGO Educate Girls In India For A Brighter Future

Published on September 17, 2020

NGO Educate Girls In India

Millions of young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds live in India. In context to their education, the girl child in India continues to be at the receiving end of discrimination and severe oppression. Many girls are forbidden from going to school, forced to drop out and take care of the housework, or even pushed to start working instead of getting an education in both rural and urban communities. Although India is developing steadily, the girl child continues to be ignored and most of them still do not have access to their basic rights.

This is why 24th January is dedicated to celebrating National Girl Child Day in India, an occasion to spread awareness about the reality behind several underprivileged girls. This day also encourages citizens to support thousands of such young girls by extending useful tools and resources for them to have happier childhoods. Therefore, the best way to commemorate the day is to volunteer with CRY (Child Rights and You) which supports young girls. Read on to know how you can accomplish that:

1. Join CRY’s Virtual Volunteering Program if you are unable to commit in person. From working on their content-based projects to extending a helping hand in the area of IT development and contributing to research projects, the scope to assist is vast.

2. Regularly donate to CRY and help initiate fruitful partnerships with donors (corporates, local businesses etc). Regular sponsorships also go a long way in supporting child-based programs at CRY.

3. Spread the word about the work at CRY on social media platforms. One can also share insightful videos and posts from CRY’s social media pages, and engage more people to be of service and empower young girls.

4. Share your skill set and help out CRY in your area of interest – photography, content writing, designing, or videography – take your pick and start contributing.

In 2021-22, CRY has had over 4933 active volunteers and 1464 interns who worked with over 10,300 children across India. The volunteer team raised around Rs. 81 lakhs. At CRY, we work to educate girls in India by providing them with a safe atmosphere where their rights are upheld and they are inspired to work toward a better future. Join CRY NGO to educate girls and help make a difference.