Here’s How CRY’s Ensuring Education For Children

Published on June 23, 2022

Children’s education in India is extremely crucial. Every child should be able to go to school and complete their education but the reality is far off from this basic right - there are an estimated 46 million children between 6-18 years of age who are not in school (Source: RGI Census Population Projection 2016 and Unified DISE 2016-17).

These unprecedented times of the pandemic considerably affected children from marginalised communities as they were unable to attend their schooling for more than 18 months. According to UNICEF, 247 million children attending primary and secondary schools in India were affected by the coronavirus outbreak and the ensuing lockdowns.

At CRY, the top NGO in India, we have been focusing on multiple channels to help close the education gap and prevent underprivileged children from permanently giving up on their education:

1. Certified teachers are teaching students in remote locations using digital tablets through the Bridge School programme. Tablets make learning easy and fun through a creative medium.

2. The teachers are also focusing on strengthening the basic reading, speaking, and writing skills of the students.

3. Children are being assisted with their homework and worksheets to help boost their confidence.

4. Regularly monitoring and following up with every child to ensure they go to school as the school reopens. 

5. Reducing the vulnerability of girls to child marriage by counselling their parents and enrolling them back in school.

6. Organising awareness rallies to mobilise the communities and enrolling back the children who dropped out of school.

7. Focusing on extra-curricular activities through life skill sessions, singing, and dance classes.

8. Conducting regular meetings with parents, communities, and school management to create a holistic ecosystem for the children.

Currently, CRY has 179 bridge learning centres in India that serve 24,919 children in 302 villages of 49 districts in 15 states. You can experience the joy of giving by supporting CRY's Bridge School programme at this critical time to give India’s children a chance at a brighter future. Help bridge the education gap for more underprivileged children in India to pave their way towards a better future!