How Nandini changed the game to become a role model!

Published on September 3, 2020

Story Of Nandini

Nandini* (name changed) is a 15-year-old girl living in Hachinal with her parents who work as daily wage agriculture laborers. Being an excellent student, Nandini secured admission in a pre-university course but was forbidden by her parents to take up the opportunity. “The college was 16 km away and there are no buses. How would she have gone?” remembers her mother.

Realizing that her parents were keen to get her married, Nandini decided to stand up for her dream to study further. Being a part of the CRY America project, Empowering Girl Child, she found the courage to share her story at the adolescent girls’ collective meeting. The CRY team immediately met her parents and helped them understand the importance of Nandini completing her education instead of getting married at such a young age.

After several conversations, her parents finally agreed to let her go for her pre-university course. Simultaneously, CRY and the adolescents‘ collective also advocated for improved bus connectivity for children with the local government. Within a few months, special buses were approved – giving many children in Hachinal a reason to dream big again.

Today, Nandini is a second-year student who continues to be an active member of the adolescent girls’ collective in her village and actively campaigns against child marriage!

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*name changed to protect the child's identity