Jyoti and Sherbano create change with their abilities!

Published on September 3, 2020

Story Of Jyoti And Sherbano

Meet 12-year-old Jyoti and 11-year-old Sherbano, both students from a small village in Dwarka (Gujarat). Supported by CRY, the two girls have been advocating the importance of education through their singing and public speaking skills.

Jyoti is a gifted singer but doesn't just use her skills to entertain others. Instead, she uses her music to promote children's education. She first performed a song around the importance of girls at the Bal Mela. Bal Mela is an initiative by CRY where a group of children play, discuss, and share their thoughts, problems, and issues together. There is also a forum to bring their talents to the fore. Since then, Jyoti regularly sings at the community programs, school, and children's group events. "I want to finish my education and become a good singer when I grow up," she says.

Sherbano has been advocating the need to finish education through her speeches in places like the Bal Mela, community gatherings, and school events. It was during a school enrolment drive that Sherbano's skills came to the fore. Since then, Sherbano has been reciting speeches and spreading awareness in the community on education. She wants to become a scientist like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam after finishing her education.

These two girls practice what they preach!

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