Today, I realise that School days were the best days of my life.

There was no requirement of earning money, working, taking responsibilities etc. My parents were always there to take care of all these things.

It was a carefree life with lots of games, friends to play with. Eat good home cooked food by my mother and being pampered by one

and all.

However as I step into the shoes of Little “myself” and travel back in time and try to read my mind then, it was not the same.

I studied in “Cumballa Hill High School”, Mumbai for the entire tenure upto SSC.

During my school days I wanted to grow up very fast as I thought I could take my own decisions, not have to study, not go for tuitions and do as I like. But little did I understand that freedom comes with responsibilities. I dreaded the thought of going to school on Mondays and on the first day after long summer vacations and when the summer vacations were about to end I used to think of the next vacations i.e Diwali and then Christmas and so on. It was not that I did not enjoy school, but going back to routine after long fun filled vacations was always difficult.

In my school days I was not a very bright student and dreaded subjects like Science and Maths and History, could not make a sense why was I required to study these subjects with no practical uses. Later did I realise that Science has tremendous value, Mathematics sharpens analytical and reasoning skills and history helps us to learn from the mistakes of the past and make us better equipped to deal with similar situations.

I had many friends in school and who are in contact with me even today. School friends are my best friends with no barriers and mindsets about status, caste, financial position. We were just friends when we did not know anything about status, caste, etc. We played with each other, fought,, played truants on teachers and broke glass panes while playing cricket etc.

I had the privilege to go on school summer trips when I was in 7th Standard and 10th standard. I had been to Shimla, Chandigarg, Delhi etc in 7th standatd and Darjeeling, Kolkatta in 10th standard. This was with my class mates and school teachers, the real feeling was that I would have a great fun with friend and exactly the same happened. These memories are shared by on and all when we meet for Alumni dinners and otherwise.

During school days I was a very naught child always playing mischief with whoever was next to me, playing O and X games when the class was on. Trying to sit on the last bench and hiding from teacher. However during exams I was quite serious and would make up for the mischief.

One more memory was that when my parents would return from the school “Open Evening” with all complaints and remarks from various teachers. It was a quite bad.

During school we played several games on the school premises before, during break time and after school. The main games were Hiti-Kitti, where one team bends down from their hips and makes a straight chain and boys from the other team jump on the chain one by one. After all boys jump the boys below have to guess the number and if it is right the roles are reversed.

The other games were cricket, football.

Now when I lookback at my school life, I am really thankful to my school, my parents and teachers and lastly my school friends for what I am today and what they have taught me.

I started school as a toddler when I did not even having control over myself to a responsible youth who could manage to score a 70% marks in the SSC exams in 1982 and at this time such high percentage was not common. Later I went on to doing B.Com and Chartered Accountancy.

This was all possible because of the strong foundation given to me at school.

School life was full of ups and downs, and this has helped chisel myself into a fine youth with good values and principles.

Anup Vora

The author is General Manager, Finance, CRY

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