“I am a proud, stay at home, full time working mom. I am a mother of two, a son ‘Aidan’ & a daughter ‘Anaia’. (Though Sadly, I lost my precious son Aidan, to an illness 5 years ago at the age of 6, I will always be a mother of two).

My beautiful & kind hearted daughter Anaia is now 8

years old. Women are gifted with the ability to give birth, but for me personally, it has always been more than just that. I believed ever since I was young ,that my divine purpose in life was to be a ‘Mother’…the honour & privilege to nurture, to educate, to love and to raise my children to be intelligent, compassionate, humble, honest, respectful & dignified human beings. As mothers/parents, we often talk about how we teach & build our children, but rarely do we pause to realise & credit them for what they teach us! I was reborn when I first gave birth to my son & learnt the absolute true meaning of unconditional & endless love. Then again, at the birth of my daughter, I learned about having undaunted faith and hope. When my son passed away, at the then, tiny age of 3, my daughter was & has ever since been my Rock. She gave me a reason to smile and the strength to go on when a part of me didn’t want to. She is so full of life!! Boundless energy, curiosity to learn,intelligence, creativity, simplicity, joy, love, generosity !!! And a purity & honesty, that we all once had, but sort of lost it somewhere along the way, having grown into ‘Adults’. She inspires me to recapture that part of me everyday , and I have vowed to protect that in her as I raise her to hold on to her core values of Integrity, Honesty, Humility & Compassion.  Anaia, in her innocence has made me realise, that while we raise the children to be the Future, we must also humble ourselves and learn something from our children to be good examples to them in the Present. Motherhood is a Blessing, an honour & Privilege that I do not take lightly. I shall be eternally thankful & grateful for this precious gift from God. This will be my most important investment & contribution to our world.”

Petula Baxter, Mother

Reaching the milestone age of ‘five’ years should be a joyful journey. From learning how to smile to saying the first words. From learning how to hold a toy, to crawling, walking and finally running. This is a journey full of firsts that impacts the rest of a child’s life. The reality however, is that not all children are able to experience this joy of growing up healthy, because of inadequate nutrition and healthcare.  You can change the first five years of children’s lives for the better.

Donate now towards the CRY ‘Joy of Five’ initiative and ensure 2,50,532 children across CRY-supported projects experience the joy of turning five.

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