The Power YOU Unwittingly Wield

Meet Priyanka Aparajit, an active CRY volunteer!

Priyanka had come all the way from her hometown to the ‘city of her dreams’- Mumbai for a job. A few months into the job, Priyanka quickly realised that she didn’t want to just be a corporate lackey; she wanted more purpose to her life. So, in September 2016, she began scouting for more meaningful ways to spend her spare time. CRY was an obvious choice and she knew that working for the children was somehow perfect- she was getting a chance to play the part of a responsible citizen while enjoying what she was doing.

It’s been 2 years now and Priyanka still loves it!

IMG_8217As a part of the team that ran the Anti-Child labour campaign done in collaboration with the Mumbai Police, Priyanka learnt a lot about child labour laws in our country. She was deeply saddened on realising that these laws are hardly ever followed, and started wondering what could make it better. The only solution she could imagine was mass education and awareness.

She also ran the Pencil campaign – a fundraising campaign- at an IT park in Navi Mumbai to help children who had dropped out get back to school. Having never raised funds before, she found trying to convince people into purchasing those pencils a fun experience .

There are many things Priyanka fondly remembers about her time at CRY, but, one of the pleasant surprises as a volunteer was when she was awarded the ‘Best learning volunteer’ at the International Volunteers Day celebration held at IIT Bombay, though, she had joined only 5 months ago.  The inclusive atmosphere of the people at CRY was refreshingly different from her own workplace, and, she was getting used to the appreciation.

Priyanka knows that the CRY experience has transformed her and, she loves the person she has become post-CRY. She’s a better person now- professionally as well- a better listener, a more caring and intuitive citizen. She also staunchly holds on to her college day convictions vis-a-vis social injustice and human rights, and is certain that education is the way to go for lasting change!



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