Reviving the school system in Wanaparthy!

Published on September 2, 2020

Reviving The School System In Wanaparthy

The upper primary school at Jammapur village in Wanaparthy district was on the verge of closure last June as there were only 35 children. The school had only two teachers and one headmaster. For the past two years, the headmaster was not even regular and the two lone teachers were unable to singlehandedly focus on all the classes. This led to many parents moving their children to a low-income private school which was 15 km away.

As the school strength gradually reduced and began considering the idea of shutting down, the CRY project SVK decided to intervene. Their advocacy efforts ensured the appointment of 2 additional teachers, thereby increasing the teacher-strength from 3 to 5. The headmaster was transferred and a new one was appointed. SVK continued to work closely with the teachers and counseled the parents to bring their children back to this school, thus helping the school strength increase from a mere 35 to 104!

It may sound like a small victory, but for the children of Jammapur, it's the opportunity to continue their education without having to travel long miles or worse, drop out entirely.

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