The very thought of school brings a big smile on my face. Of the many moments spent in school,the ones I cherish the most are the things i first experienced in life like making friends, sharing lunchbox, working on a computer and experimenting in the science lab. But something that really contributed to making me who I am today

are the various curricular and extra curricular activities that I got an opportunity to participate in. From dancing competitions to becoming a member of the School Cricket team, all these experiences built my confidence and enabled me to overcome my fears.

The encouragement and appreciation given by my teachers in the form of a ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ remark greatly boosted my morale and motivated me to excel in whatever I undertook.

1032763963300703457-account_id=1What I miss most about school are the exposure visits we were taken for which were a good mix of fun and learning. The camp fire, petty fights with friends, scolding’s by teachers is something which will remain etched in my memory. School was the place where I could make mistakes and learn from them. It also inculcated in me important qualities like discipline, punctuality, respect for elders and hard work. These have all stood by me in good stead. I will always be indebted to my school for giving me best friends for life and for making me who I am today. Childhood is incomplete without school and I wish every child gets to experience it.

Nirmal Parmar, CRY Employee

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