School Time!

Can you imagine a life without school? Here while we revisit memories from school, there are children who are only dreaming about getting a chance to go to school, fighting the circumstances they face in life.

This story is about Khusboo. She is 8 years old and lives in Idgahbhata, a slum which is located in heart of Raipur city, Chhattisgarh. Although the area had a lot of children of her age group who went to school, there were a few who did not and Khusboo was one of them. She dropped out of school in Class I.

Her parents made their living through begging. They took Khusboo along for begging. At that point in time, they did not understand the importance of school, and that’s what led to Khusboo to drop out of school too. When Navadhar project members learnt about her, they decided to intervene. Through a collective children meeting, they met the family and the child to counsel them. They continuously advocated the benefits that the child will receive by getting educated and its importance for her secure future. They convinced them to re-enrol Khusboo back to school. The attempt was successful and Khusboo was admitted in Idgahbhata School.

Today she happily goes to school every day.

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CRY partner Navadhar has been working to eradicate child labour for the past 5 years. Since last year they have also taken this issue up with the State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR). Their other modus operandi is awareness generation amongst community members, sensitization of School Monitoring Committee members, working with employers and Community Based Organisations like the Nagrik Manch.

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