Straight from a mother’s heart!

Published on September 2, 2020

Straight from a mother’s heart

“My Golu* is the darling of the village. Not a day goes without someone or the other dropping by to see him. He is no less! Even though he is just 7 months old, he tours the entire village at least once every day - nestled in the arms of his grandmother or grandfather.

But when Golu was born, I didn’t think he’d survive. He weighed a mere 1.5 kgs and my mother-in-law told me how he was unconscious for almost half an hour after his birth. Can you imagine how I must have felt? It was Manorama Didi, the ASHA worker in our village, who helped me put my fears aside and focus on Golu’s fragile health. She taught me how to breastfeed him and told me how beneficial colostrum milk is for a baby. He was born in January and it was really cold so she also taught me how to maintain skin to skin contact with my child at all times.

After 6 months of feeding him only breast milk, my Golu started becoming stronger. The doctor at our Primary Health Centre monitored his weight regularly and assured me that my son was not severely malnourished anymore. He is now 6 kgs and on Manorama Didi’s advice, not only do I eat healthy – being a breastfeeding mother - but I also give my Golu nutritious food like lentils and green vegetables.

If it wasn’t for CRY, who trained Manorama Didi and brought her to our village along with making sure that we had a PHC, I don’t know what would have happened. Today Golu’s laugh is the light of our home and I’ve never been happier!” - Sarita, Anai Village (Varanasi).

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*name changed to protect the child's identity