Our first encounter with Tannu was when our team members found her crying outside the classroom of a Nagar Nigam primary school at Rithala. She was barely 9 and was punished for not completing her English assignment. Tannu was not good at English and would get punished often by the teacher for not being able to complete her assignment on time

. This had taken a toll on her confidence.

The volunteer from CRY not only spoke to the teacher about the best practice to help Tannu improve in her assignments but also started working very closely with her to understand her subject of interest.

Tannu loves singing. As soon as we found out how she was nurturing this dream inside of her, the volunteers at CRY got to work.

Today, 3 years later, Tannu dreams of being a rockstar. She is articulate and will sing to you very proudly. She practices for an hour everyday.

Tannu has very recently expressed an interest in starting her own Youtube channel. She wishes to sing about herself, her friends and her life in general. “And there is no better way to reach out to people that through the medium of music, isn’t it?”

We couldn’t have agreed more!


Tannu is from a CRY volunteer intervention area in Delhi. You can help thousands of children like her realise their dreams here.

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