The Colours of Childhood

Bachpan ke Rang is a small function that is held in Rajabajar, Kolkata by CRY – Child Rights and You. It is organised for the kids from different schools in the Rajabajar community who come and participate in this event. They play  certain games prepared by CRY volunteers and participate in sessions on art and craft. A bit of dancing, singing and play acting is also roped in that eventually gives a message. The main aim of this event is to ensure that the kids have a lot of fun. All the volunteers give in their 100% to make this event a success. This year as an intern I got the opportunity to be a part of the event and I experienced how in spite of a lot of difficult situations the kids who came to the event really enjoyed themselves.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-11 at 12.12.38 PMAt first they were asked to introduce themselves and share what they like to do. After the introduction they played a game. Two people had one balloon in between themselves and they had to go from one point to another balancing themselves. The kids found it very new and had a lot of fun doing it. Then the volunteers had arranged music performances for the kids to enjoy. Then after that they were given ice cream sticks and chart papers and glues to make a pencil stand out of it. There were volunteers assigned to each table to help them make the pencil stand. During this activity I observed how each student was making a pencil stand along with a partner and how deeply involved they were. They were trying to make their pencil stand very much their own. After the activity there were more recreational games like spoon and marble race where the kids were cheering for each other. After the kids were done, the volunteers were also asked to race against each other when the kids had fun watching them and were cheering for them equally.

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After the activities were done, there was a small drama done on how it does not matter if the child is good in studies or not, they can still excel in the field they love and want to, but at the same time getting educated is also very important for the child’s growth. After the drama there were more songs that were sung by the kids as well as the volunteers.

It was a very fun filled afternoon that made the kids go home with smiling faces and a lot of learning as well. I had a very special experience being a part of Bachpan ke Rang and wish that this event is held every year spreading smiles across a lot more faces.


Adrita Rudra, CRY Intern, Kolkata

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